Posted on August 17, 2015 · Posted in News

Imagine the excitement that a foreign student would feel about being accepted into a program to improve their education in the United States. They earned that opportunity by working diligently to achieve graduate status in either a Masters or PHD program. But, once achieved they are still faced with the challenge of “housing’’ close to the university of their choice. Boston is home to the most renowned universities in the world, and so therefore the demand for housing assistance is not a surprise. Pamela Shields has developed a system to assist, even from such a great demographic distance, allowing them to pursue their goal and the details included which could be viewed as insurmountable, in a seamless fashion.

This is only one of Pam’s many talents and was initiated by viewing a post on the Chilean Community page of Facebook. A student as described above needed housing and reached out through Social Media for assistance. After reading that post, Pam has become the “go to” person for this type of Real Estate expertise. Because of her success and the accolades given by those students that she has assisted, she has been invited to the orientations of Hult International School of Business, Harvard, MIT, BU, BC, Lesley University and North Eastern. This allows her one on one time with the students to gather the information necessary, identifying their needs and their financial viability. “ International students need to demonstrate that they have funds to support the rent while they are here. I create a folder with embassy documents, financial statements and verification of funds, references, etc…. all quite extensive.” Once verification is complete, “I hand pick listings for them to later discuss via Skype, video taping, photos, plus a final inspection of each potential property.” The Global reach is boundless and she finds herself in daily discussions with students from Germany, India, Serbia, Malaysia, Congo, Argentina, Chile, Dubai, Columbia, Italy, Nigeria and many more.

In her words, “ It has been a privilege and a tremendously enriching experience helping these Grad Students find a new home away from home”. She sometimes gets to meet them long in advance of their move during orientation at their chosen University, and other times not until they arrive at the airport just before starting classes. She even goes as far as picking them up at the airport to expedite their transition into their new environment. Regardless, prior to their meeting, they have already established a strong rapport and the students entering our country feel that they have already found a friendship that they can rely upon. Pam doesn’t leave it at that…she stays in touch and maintains the bond of friendship. As you know, a satisfied client spreads the word, and therefore Pam’s expertise and genuine caring for those who rely on her has built an entirely different specialty outside of traditional Real Estate transactions. Congratulations Pam! Great job in assisting others in achieving their goals while making our world smaller!

Pamela can be reached at 774-454-9126 or